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In 1995, AIO Corporation produced the Sonic Fog IPA Dryer for 0.30um wafer processing using an ultrasonic generator to create an IPA mist. Over 70 dryers placed into service world wide during this time period.

Timothy Gens forms L-Tech Corporation in 1999 to develop the next generation of aerosol drying technology and to commercialize the technology in a new product line of dryers.

After nearly a year of testing, L-Tech Corporation makes major advancements to the drying techology and manufactures the AVID (Advanced Vaporless IPA Dryer) capable of particle neutral drying at 0.16um. In the first year after offering the AVID for sale, more thann 40 AVID units were sold.

L-Tech Corporation is subsequently acquired in 2002 by SEZ Holding for its drying technology for use in the new SEZ wet bench line.

In 2004, the core group from L-Tech Corporation leaves SEZ to form ChemAcoustic Technologies, a privately held and funded company. Through our core group and a world wide representation and distributor network we are supporting legacy dryers, retrofitting benches containing other manufacturer's dryers, and selling new stand-alone and OEM dryer kits.

ChemAcoustic Technologies currently has a Patent and twelve Patents Pending for three new product lines.

Continued research into drying technology to provide cost-effective particle performance for the 45nm technology node and into specialized and other thin fragile wafers applications such as MEMS and other high aspect ratio/deep trench topography devices; compound semiconductors; optics; flat panel displays to 120 inches; and hydropholeric surfaces.

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